July 24, 2024

Adult Workshops

Age: 27 years old and onward
Duration: 15 Sessions
1 per week lasting two hours each

A Prayer and Life Workshop is:

First. A method of learning how to pray. However, it is not a theoretical method but a practical one, like in a workshop, where you learn to work by working. Here you learn to pray by praying. That is why it is called a Workshop because we learn and practice how to pray.

Step by step one learns how to enter into a personal relationship with the Lord, from the first steps to the depths of contemplation. In this manner, the Participants become transformed into friends and disciples of the Lord.

Second. This is also a Life Workshop. Through the practice of faith and surrender and as a result of praying, almost without trying to the Participant begins to heal the wounds of his heart, quiets his soul´s anguish, and drives away his fear, controlling stress and experiencing great serenity. And following this path, the Participant´s interior spaces become inundated with a never imagines peace. Sadness disappears and the joy of living is definitely recovered.

Third. But it does not end here. Contemplating the image of Jesus and imitating his characteristics, the Participant slowly begins to be transformed into a person who is patient like Jesus, understanding like Jesus, meek, tender and generous like Jesus. And that gives the Participant the greatest satisfaction that one can feel in this world: surpassing oneself, trascending one´s own limitations.

Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga (Founder of the Prayer and Life Workshops)