July 24, 2024

Prayer and Life Workshop Events

Prayer and Life Circles are small groups of believers conformed of former Workshop Participants who are open, compassionate and loving to the least of humanity: those with aids, cancer, lonely, abandoned, dying; those that no one looks at or wants . . . taking proximity and presence, consolation and joy to them. They identify themselves with the Samaritan dimension of the Gospel, in the style of Francis of Assisi or Teresa of Calcutta.

They are present wherever there is pain, loneliness, orphanhood . . .in jails, hospitals, orphanages . . . in general they go wherever there are orphans, the weak, mentally ill, special needs persons, abandoned children.

These small groups, invisible and silent, pass by bringing life imperceptibly, illuminating minds, healing wounds, revitalizing the great mass of humanity.

The high point of the Prayer and Life Circles is the Cenacle in which the participants gather for two hours each week, fundamentally to pray and have close fellowship. Through this nourishment, in their available time, each person develops their Samaritan dimension.

The Prayer and Life circles are bonfires in the midst of the dark night.