May 28, 2022


“I thank my brothers and sisters, but most of all to God for the opportunity to participate and fellowship with you all in the Prayer Life Workshops.

It has taught me so much about how to pra and help me to learn about my relationship with God.

I will take away one question to apply to every situation ‘WHAT WOULD JESUS DO’. Praise be to God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit”.

Adult PLW participant.

“The Prayer and Life Workshop has been a revelation for me. It has focused my prayers and enlightened my life.

From ‘existing’ as a catholic to persevering in trying to do God’s will everyday by following the readings and ‘living’ the life experiences”.

Adult PLW participant.

“The Prayer Life Workshop has taught me that, while reading and understanding scriptures is important, to make it part of my everyday life, I need to make time to reflect on the scriptures to discover if God is telling me something or how it can help me on a day to day bases. Then I should put it into practice with everyone that I come into contact with and I should go outside my comfort zone to be Christ today, tomorrow and everyday for the rest of my life”.

Adult PLW participant

“I am very grateful to the guides who run the workshops. They have given me very practical ways and methods on how to pray. They have also taught me to integrate the praer methods and the Word of God into my everyday life.

Prayer and life are not separate. They have also taught me to find peace during my day, work and rest etc. I have learned that everything that you do can be serving the Lord and sharing His word.

My ministry does not have to be grand or in front of a crowd. Everyday small things count as well. Thank you”.

Adult PLW participant.

“For the last 3 months September to December my focus on the word of the Lord has increased tremendously. I have read the Bible more often than I usually do. I spend longer time researching and praying the Word too.

I have also devoted at least one day a week, evening meeting the people of God and sharing the joy and knowing the Word of the Lord.

I will continue to do this and I recommend this course to every Catholic and Christian. Thank you”.

Adult PLW participant

“I have enjoyed the course very much and looked forward to coming each week. The weekly practices were manageable provided I kept on top of it all. It has certainly enriched my prayer life, and I like the different methods of prayer which has assisted me at different times when I found it difficult to pray.

The twelfth session particularly helped me cope with an incident that took place as I was able to prostrate myself before the sacred sacrament and unconditionally envelop that particular person with love and forgivemess. I came away feeling light and unburdened.

As for the retreat and desert day, it was simply awesome! I just loved the peace, quiet and solitude that the venue provided. The best thing for me was that I could practice the different prayer methods without being rushed or disturbed”.

Adult PLW participant.

“Thank you for providing this group. The messages have changed my life, body and soul. I have been filled with Your love and kindness. I am a bit slow in understanding of your words but I promise to take it step by step and I ask Your help day by day to give me strength.

I would like to thank (guides names) for their understanding. Wish you both blessings and peaceful Christmas in Jesus’ name”.

Adult PLW participant.


“Reading and meditating helped make the Bible become more alive for me. 

I reflected more on what I was reading and what it meant to me as an individual – God is speaking to me personally.

It made me more aware of the people I meet as all  children of God, it also made me realise that there is more I can do for my brothers and sisters than what I am doing at the moment”.

Adult PLW participant.

“I thank you Lord for the Prayer and Life Workshop sisters, for giving me this opportunity, it has been a life saver for me in the future.

I have felt depressed and unhappy for a good part of my life. I have always known the Lord is with me, but now I really think I know Him more. I definitely use the methods of prayer in my life.

Thank you Lord, with your help I am going to be able to cope and to still be a loving person”.

Adult PLW participant.

“During the later sessions of the PLW, it became clear to me that I should become a guide.

Imparting workshops and participating in the PLW activities has been most enriching for me.

Bringing the experience of the workshops to others is sharing the love of God, bringing joy and peace into the hearts of the participants”

PLW guide