May 25, 2024

What we offer

For all those persons, from young persons to adults, who want to learn to commucincate with the Lord in a varied  and progressive manner by practicing a simple pedagogy, we offer:

  • Adult Workshops,
  • Young Adults Workshops,

We offer couples:

  • A Marriage Course (In Spanish only)

It is an experience that will allow the couples’ communication and dialoguer to be heart to heart, creating an open and receptive current between the two. The result will be understanding, acceptance, forgiveness . . . bringing forth a reciprocal joy of love and peace. These Courses are facilitated by married couples.

To everyone who want to recover the enchantment of life and the joy of living, we offer,

  • Evangelizing Talks and Meetings

Based on spiritual and humanistic themes, from the literature of Father Ignacio Larrañaga.

To the terminally ill, abandoned, lonely and to all those who suffer, we offer:

  • The Prayer and Life Circles

Made up of former Participants who dedicate part of their time to prayer and a dimension samaritan of life by accompanying those who suffer.